In the beginning, Nate created Everything. But Everything was empty, a formless mass cloaked in darkness. And Nate began to grok his creation. Then Nate said, "Let me hack" and he hacked. And Nate saw that the Perl was good. Then he separated The Hollowed ASCII and the nodegel. He did this in one day.

And Nate said, "Let there be soft-links between the nodes to connect node to node." And so it was. Nate created soft-links to connect the nodes. And Nate called the links "free-association." This happened on the second day.

And Nate said, "Let the nodegel congeal so that nodes may appear.” And so it was. Nate called the good nodes C! and the bad nuked. And Nate saw that it was good. Then Nate said, “Let the nodes burst forth with every sort of ASCII. And let there be nodes that create memes. The memes will then produce the kinds of nodes from which they came.” And so it was. The Hollowed ASCII was filled with nodes and their memes produced nodes of like kind. And Nate saw that it was good. This all happened on the third day.

And Nate said, “Let users be created to separate the good from the bad. They will upvote the deserving, and downvote the undeserving. Let their judgement shine down upon The Hollowed ASCII.” And so it was. For Nate made two great judgements, the vote and the C!, to separate The Hollowed ASCII. The greater one, the C!, is used only for the best; the lesser one, the vote, is used for all. He also made the soft link comment. Nate created these judgements to better sift The Hollowed ASCII, to govern the nodes and the users, and to separate the good from the bad. And Nate saw that it was good. This all happened the fourth day.

And Nate said, “Let The Hollowed ASCII swarm with users.” So Nate allowed hackers and every sort of student and all other beings to become users. Then Nate blessed them, saying, “Let the nodes multiply and fill The Hollowed ASCII.” This all happened on the fifth day.

And Nate said, “Let the nodes bring forth editors.” And so it was. Nate made all sorts of editorsGods, Slashdotters, and Developers. And Nate saw that it was good.

Then Nate said, “Let us make writeups from our knowledge, to tell others what we know. They will be the basis of The Hollowed ASCIIvotes, C!s, Editors, all will be decided from them.”

So the users created writeups from their own knowledge;
They patterned them after their knowledge;
Person, Place, Idea, Thing they created them.
Nate blessed the writeups and told them, “Multiply and fill The Hollowed ASCII. Be masters on all subjects.” And Nate said, “Look! I have given you memes to help in your creation. And I have created links to connect you.” And so it was. Then Nate look over all he had made, and saw that it was excellent in every way. This all happened on the sixth day.

So the creation of The Hollowed ASCII and all its inhabitants was completed. On the seventh day, having finished his task, Nate rested from all his work. And Nate blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day he rested from his work of creation.

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