His nuntiis litterisque commotus Caesar duas legiones in citeriore Gallia novas conscripsit et inita aestate in interiorem Galliam qui deduceret Quintum Pedium legatum misit.  Ipse, cum primum pabuli copia esse inciperet, ad exercitum venit.  Dat negotium Senonibus reliquisque Gallis qui finitimi Belgis erant, uti ea quae apud eos gerantur cognoscant seque de his rebus ceritorem faciant.  Hi constanter omnes nuntiaverunt manus cogi, exercitum in unum locum conduci.  Tum vero dubitandum non existimavit quin ad eos proficisceretur.  Re frumentaria comparata castra movet diebusque circiter quindecim ad fines Belgarum pervenit.

These reports and despatches prompted Caesar to enrol two new legions in Hither Gaul, and at the beginning of the summer he sent Quintus Pedius, lieutenant-general, to lead them into Inner1 Gaul.  He himself, as soon as there began to be a supply of forage, came to the army.  He charged the Senones and the rest of the Gauls who were neighbours of the Belgae to find out what the latter were about and to keep him informed thereof.  They all with one consent reported that bands were being collected, and an army assembled in one place.  Then accordingly he determined that he must no longer hesitate about moving against them.  He secured his corn-supply, struck his camp, and in about a fortnight reached the borders of the Belgae.

1i.e., Further Gaul.

Translation and notes by H.J. Edwards.

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