Relinquebatur una per Sequanos via, qua Sequanis invitis propter angustias ire non poterant.  His cum sua sponte persuadere non possent, legatos ad Dumnorigem Aeduum mittunt, ut eo deprecatore a Sequanis impetrarent.  Dumnorix gratia et largitione apud Sequanos plurimum poterat, et Helvetiis erat amicus, quod ex ea civitate Orgetorigis filiam in matriumonium duxerat, et cupiditate regni adductus novis rebus studebat et quam plurimas civitates suo beneficio habere obstrictas volebat.  Itaque rem suscipit et a Sequanis impetrat, ut per fines suos Helvetios ire patiantur, obsidesque uti inter sese dent perficit:  Sequani, ne itinere Helvetios prohibeant; Helvetii, ut sine maleficio et iniuria transeant.

There remained one other line of route, through the borders of the Sequani, by which they could not march, on account of the narrow ways, without the consent of the Sequani.  When they could not of their own motion persuade the Sequani, they sent deputies to Dumnorix the Aeduan, in order that they might obtain their object through his intercession.  Now Dumnorix had very great weight with the Sequani, for he was both popular and openhanded, and he was friendly to the Helvetii, because from that state he had taken the daughter of Orgetorix to wife; and, spurred by desire of the kingship, he was anxious for a revolution, and eager to have as many states as might be beholden to his own benficence.  Therefore he accepted the business, and prevailed upon the Sequani to suffer the Helvetii to pass through their borders, and arranged that they should give hostages each to other--the Sequani, not to prevent the Helvetii from their march; the Helvetii, to pass through without mischief or outrage.

Translation and notes by H.J. Edwards

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