Artist: P.O.D.
Genre: metal
Label: Atlantic

Major label debut from Christian metal band P.O.D. (Payable On Death). Produced by Howard Benson (Motorhead, Less Than Jake) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day), The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown is a great introduction to the band and is an excellent showcase of the many different styles of music this band is capable of, from rock to hip-hop to reggae to instrumental. Standout tracks include Southtown, Lie Down (also featured on the Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 soundtrack), Rock The Party (Off The Hook), Bullet The Blue Sky, Set Your Eyes To Zion and the bonus track Whatever It Takes (also featured on the soundtrack to Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday). Music videos were made for Southtown and Rock The Party (Off The Hook). Followed by Satellite.

Track List:

  1. Greetings
  2. Hollywood
  3. Southtown
  4. Checkin' Levels
  5. Rock The Party (Off The Hook)
  6. Lie Down
  7. Set Your Eyes To Zion
  8. Lo Siento
  9. Bullet The Blue Sky
  10. Psalm 150
  11. Image
  12. Shouts
  13. Tribal Warriors
  14. Freestyle
  15. Follow Me
  16. Outcast
  17. Whatever It Takes (bonus track)

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