(Also Arda Fravash, Farwardin, Farohars, Fravasi)

"The Chosen Ones"
"Holy Chosen Ones"

In ancient Persian (Zoroastrian) religion, the Fravashis were either the immortal and divine souls of true believers or the celestial prototype of all created beings. They were created at the beginning of time and would exist until time ends. Along with Ahura Mazda, they helped create the world, most importantly plants and animals. After the creation, the Fravashis were charged with manifesting the will and energy of Ahura Mazda to preserve the order of the world. These spirits represent the ideals that the mortal soul should aspire to. They are typically depicted as winged disks with or without a human superimposed over the disk or riders with spears.

The main function of the Fravashis was that of guardian angel or heavenly warrior. They were pure good and do battle against pure evil. Each individual person, each clan and even each deity had their own guardian. The guardian protected its charge and guided the soul through life and then to heaven. If they were to abandon their watch, Druj would destroy all the plants and animals. In this way, the Fravashis are comparable to the Norse dises, the Roman lames, the Russian domovoi and any of the personal protective spirits in the ancient Indo-European religions.

The nineteenth day of each month was consecrated to the Fravashis.


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