Fraggle Rock is located in a network of underground caverns, comparatively near the surface of a large Canadian city. The Fraggles are able to reach the world that we know with merely a short walk; the Rock is connected to the outside of the Earth (Outer Space, as they call it) via a hole in Doc's wall, through which Gobo Fraggle often travels to pick up postcards from his uncle Travelling Matt.

The Fraggles can take another short walk and emerge aboveground in the Land of the Gorgs, where they constantly make off with delicious radishes from the Gorgs' Garden. However, the Land of the Gorgs features a sun, vibrant blue sky, and an ecosystem compatible only with such fixtures of an "world above".

We humans do not encounter Gorgs on a daily basis. These blundering, over-hairy giants would be difficult to miss. For the Gorgs' part, they have never once referred to humans. It would seem that through Fraggle Rock, you can reach two distinct and different "lands above". The logical impossibility here is obvious.

A hypothesis is clearly necessary in order to smoothe out these metaphysical problems. Fraggle Rock is, by definition, perfect; if there is a problem, it is due to flaws in the worldview of we the imperfect observers, and it is up to us to fix things.

The first, and most immediately satisfying explanation, is that Fraggle Rock is a place where many versions of reality intersect, like the Wood Between The Worlds in C.S. Lewis' Narnia series. This explanation, however, seems incomplete in that only two realities appear to be accessible from the Rock. Hence, we will consider other options, as the dimensional landscape would be a fairly boring place with only two locations.

Another immediately interesting hypothesis calls up Hollow Earth theory. The Land of the Gorgs could be just a cavern with a high ceiling, with a miniature sun burning at its apex. Unfortunately this idea seems palpably absurd. The Gorgs have not only a sun, but a blue sky; this necessitates an atmosphere, which can only be found on the outside of a planet.

My pet theory is that Fraggle Rock exudes a fairytale-esque aura, enabling its denizens to see the true hearts of all they lay their eyes upon. All Fraggles are good ones, who look like joyous Fraggles on the inside as well as out; as well, Doc (the only human who they ever have contact with) has a good and kind heart, and so does not change when under a Fraggle gaze. According to this theory, the Gorgs are merely humans, albeit stupid, short-sighted and barbaric ones, living on a secluded farm. Their hearts belong to the Land of Gorg, so the Fraggles see them as such. Unfortunately, this theory seems to be contradicted by many facts: the Gorgs in no way act like humans, for instance, having their own idiosyncracies and unique social structure, not to mention that Uncle Travelling Matt wanders around Earth all day long and sees things just how they are. To adjust the hypothesis to account for these facts would be to pile on countless what-ifs, ready to be slashed by Occam's Razor.

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