This mystery book by Jody Shields is for people who usually don't like reading who-dunnit mysteries-or mysteries, in general. It takes place in 1910 Vienna and shows off all the research Shields did to ensure that her book would be authentic. The novel follows a police inspector who is largely based on information shields found in an early-1900's book called System Kriminalistik which was written by Hans Gross who basically invented detective work as a science. The Inspector is investigating the murder of Dora (who is loosely based on Freud's Dora)...his wife also decided that she is interested in the case and goes about her own way to also try and track down the killer...This book is a combination of historical fiction, family physchology and an examination on how a point of view affects how one goes about doing things (his technique vs. his wife's is quite interesting). Not too long (311 pages), goes quickly because it's interesting and has a beautiful cover to match the intense writting.

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