and the diving bell, or division bell,
whatever, we may speak upon them as well.
Let us speak of corpses my attention is well.
Black blood of tradition
the corpses of wisdom
at best.
Marvelling respectfully at Herrick's ambition.
A carnal appetite continues pistons,
Speak freely daughter my attention is well.

We cut and divide patterns yes, that is fair
but what is a spiral but a realized circle,
never granting the progress of lines,
Lines of blood down a British universal.
I will not carry torches for cannibals
or demand your allegiance to artifacts and history.
Nor even to chaste or live on a line,
but to settle in mind what is gold from alchemy.

These changes are mine you have them as well.
The Fibonacci sequence and the nautilus shell
wraps 'round you, consoles you as oyster to pearl
But time is a minotaur, guardian king and servant.
It has you as well.

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