"a Funky-Fresh Feeling shall be Felt by all"

Ani DiFranco and Maceo Parker's summer 1999 tour of the United States (with one show in Canada), so called because (as the tour poster says) Maceo is the master of funk and Ani is the mistress of folk. The tour had a definite effect on Ani's music as her next album (To The Teeth) featured a funkier sound on some songs and cameos from Maceo playing the flute (on "Soft Shoulder") and the saxophone (on "Back Back Back" and "Swing") and Corey Parker (Maceo's son) rapping during the latter half of "Swing" ("who says folk and hip hop can't mix...") Ani also came out on stage during Maceo's set for one of their songs to perform with them. Maceo performed first on the tour. I'd mention a setlist here but Ani's often change nearly entirely from night to night.

The tour hit the following venues in the following cities on the following dates (ya follow?):

Venue information obtained from ani-setlists.com

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