How this works:
Look down at your keyboard, then close your eyes and rub them really hard, next look up at your monitor and whichever one of the below you can read first, is your fortune.

  • If you do something right the first time, nobody will realize how difficult it was.
  • Evil thoughts come from your heart.
  • You have a reputation for being deceitful and treacherous.
  • You will be showered with good luck and tire irons.
  • To get what you want today, you must commit yourself forever to dark forces.
  • You will soon be drowning in the great waters.
  • You will not be on of those people who 'goes places in life.'
  • You have a poor sense of humour and too much time.
  • You have an unusually repulsive personality.
  • Don't mess with failure, it will mess with you.
  • You will be stepped on by the soil of other countries.
  • You will become great shortly before you die.
  • This fortune will self destruct in 10 seconds...9...8...7..6....

Warning: Don't do this while drunk and this node is not edible.

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