The Enertron

Ahh yes. Truly an elite marvel of the video gaming world, this machine was designed to give you the rest of an entire night's sleep in a few seconds in the game Chrono Trigger; however as with all technology there is a down side, it leaves you hungry, not so good in a world where they are unable to grow food. Although through the duration of this classic SNES game you do help the people to begin to grow food again (you are the hero after all, aren't you?).

This device is located far in the future of the Chrono Trigger world; when you encounter it you are told, "This is an Enertron. You get a full night's sleep in a few seconds, but it still leaves you hungry." In this future, (2300 A.D.) this device is apparently common, being able to be found in all of the major 'domes' of the age. It's a device that is portrayed to be about at shoulder height that locks around your torso, and asleep you go for a few seconds of game time and you wake up with the message, "HP/MP restored, but you're still hungry" on your screen.

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