Solland, a province of the Warhammer World, was once a thriving country, but was broken up between Wissenland and Averland. A little history lesson follows.

1707 - Gorbad Ironclaw, a Orc Warlord, invades the Empire and meets Margraf Eldred von Solland, Elector Count of Solland at the battle of Solland's Crown. Margraf Eldred is killed, his crown and runefang sword are taken and Solland is wasted. All of the Von Sollands are slaughtered by rampaging greenskins in the 'Rape of Solland'.

1709 - Gorbad Ironclaw having been defeated in late 1708 the Emperor divides the Electoral Province of Solland, it's Baronies are split bewteen Wissenland and Averland, with Wissenland recieving the lionshare. The two largest Baronies Solmunde and Blutgiesen which were held by sons of the late Eldred go to the nearest living Von Solland relateive; Baron Maximillian Hartkoff, Eldred's nephew from Ostland.

1740 - Maximillian dies in bed, the Baronies of Solmunde and Blutgeisen are passed to his eldest son Maximillian II.

2280 - Dieter Hartkoff becomes Baron of Solmunde and Glutgiesen at the age of 15 after his father Baron Heinrich is killed in the battle of Lindenfeld, fighting for the Elector Count of Wissenland in the Civil War.

2302 - Baron Dieter, who was a devout Sigmarite takes his Baronial troops to Nuln, planning on taking the leadership of the host gathering there from "that bloody-Proffesor-nobody" as he called Magnus, instead he fell under the power of Magnus' Charisma and he followed him north.

2303 - Baron Dieter fights in the Battle of the Gates of Kislev, he fights well, rallying the Southern Knights and leading them in several charges.

2304 - Baron Dieter is raised to the rank of Graf by Emperor Magnus the Pious as a reward for his service in the Great War Against Chaos.

2440-2460 - Graf Maximillian III brings the Wissenland former Solland baronies under the control of the Hartkoffs through marriage and mainly but also through financial dealings (some say that he lent broke barons large sums of money to engage in trade and exploration and then made sure that his contacts in Marienburg either under cut them or worse sank the baron's ships at sea so that he could call in his markers and when the barons couldn't pay they would be foprced to give up their lands which they had mortgaged to him. But they had better not claim this in hearing of a Hartkoff).

2468 - Battle of Blutberg, the combined armies of Wissenland and Averland throw back a Orc Army in the foot hills north of Black Fire Pass, Graf Maximillian III is present with his force fighting under his liege the Margraf of Wissenland. Maximillian is rewarded by having the various baronies his families hold in Wissenland combined into the minor County of Solland. The County of Solland is the largest province in Wissenland.

2474 - Graf Maximillian's son Gerhardt succeeds to the Barony of Ubersreik, a Barony in Reikland after his uncle, Baron Frederick Von Hertzel dies childless.

2482 - Baron Gerhardt Hartkoff becomes Graf Gerhardt, Count of Solland, Baron of Ubersreik on the death of his father.

2483 - Graf Gerhardt marries Gretel von Baden-Bergen of Baden-Bergen, a Barony of Talabecland.

2486 - Battle of the Black Tower, an motley army from the Border Princes lays siege to the Black Tower which guards Black Fire Pass. Averland and Solland ride to the relief of the fortress and the Besiegers are pushed back across the mountains. Graf Gerhardt pursues with his army alone and fights the battle of Ten Streams in the land known as 'the Border Princes'. Graf Gerhardt is awarded the post of Constable of the Black Tower as a reward for his part in the campaign. Graf Gerhardt lends his friend Herst Sturmuntdrang money and troops to carve out a fief in the Border Princes on the understanding that Graf Gerhardt would be Herst's liege lord.

2490 to Present; Graf Gerhardt has had two Sons; Heinrich and Augustus, the youger son has spent the last five years fighting in the Border Princes and in the many wars in the Tilean City States and is now readying to transport his troops to the mystical island of Albion. Graf Gerhardt continues to work towards his dream of becoming Margraf of the Province of Solland but he is now in his fifties and it is doubtful that this will happen in his lifetime, he has however instilled his goals into his sons.

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