The Dwarf
Lyrics: John Perry Barlow
Music: Bob Weir

This was recorded during the sessions for Bob Weir's album "Ace" but not used. Bob Weir had this to say about it in an interview with David Gans on KPFA on 14 May 1997:

Weir: There was a lyric that {John Perry} Barlow had
written that I actually chickened out from singing. It was called "The Dwarf," and it was ugly. Um...
Gans: Now, wait a minute. Barlow told me that he
wrote that lyric as a way of getting you to accept "Walk in the Sunshine."
Weir: Right. Basically, yeah.
Gans: chuckle
Caller: That's not the best song on the whole album.
Weir: No, it's not.
Caller: chuckle
Weir: But it would have been a lot better, I think, if I'd done "The Dwarf."
Gans: chuckle
Caller So you never played that song live.
Weir: No. Maybe, maybe if I can get the lyrics to that one...
Gans: I think I have -- I think Barlow gave me the lyrics --
Weir: A copy of the lyrics to "The Dwarf"?
Gans: -- to "The Dwarf. " I have it in my file. I'll fax it to you, Bob.
Weir: I don't know --
Gans: Look for it on this tour, folks.
Weir: -- we'll see, it's, uh --
Gans: We'll have banners out on the Furthur tour.
Caller: laugh
Weir: Among other things, it's kinda politically incorrect.
If anyone has the lyrics let me know...

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