Realm of Morpheus, aka The Sandman, dreamlord in Neil Gaiman's quintissential comic book series. It is the home of all dreams, from lusts and fantasies to horrible nightmares.

All of the books that have ever been written are there, as are all of the books that have never been written.

The Dream lord lives in a castle at the heart of the Dreaming.

All mortals visit the Dreaming when they sleep. That is the only time they are allowed.
Also called the Dreamtime, this refers to a collection of Australian art and culture. Before Europeans arrived Aboriginal people had responsibility to care for and manage the land which belonged to their particular Aboriginal group. They respected the land in a sacred way.

Aboriginal people believe that they are part of the land, which they often refer to as "mother earth". They believe strongly that they were always here and that they come from the land. 'Aboriginal people relate to the time of creation through the Dreaming, which also explains how Dreaming Stories tell about the Spirit Ancestors who created the land and its many features such as plants, the hills, mountains; waters that flow in the creeks, rivers, lakes and seas, as well as the sun, the moon and the stars; the seasons, the animals and the people. Aboriginal people have responsibility to ensure that the natural balance is maintained.

The way of educating children is through the telling, over and over again, of Dreaming stories. They explained that our Spirit Ancestor can be in the form of an animal, a man or a particular feature of the environment. They explained how out Spirit Ancestor laid down the laws for how people are to behave, what is good and what is bad, and the history of their environment.

Dreaming stories are related to the secret and sacred ceremonies that are performed and sung. The Dreaming is central to the existence of Aboriginal people. It gives meaning to everyday life. The Dreaming explains why many things are the way they are. It prescribes the social structure and teaches you the relationship between people, the environment, to the particular area they belong to and where they come from.

The Dreaming determines their values, beliefs and their relationship with every living and nonliving thing. It gives a clear picture of land without maps, so people can travel safely and confidently within their boundaries. The Dreaming is as important to Aboriginal people as the Bible is to Christians. The Dreaming is very important to all Aboriginal people: when they refer to the 'Dreaming' it has a deep and sacred meaning. It means more than just telling Dreaming stories for enjoyment.

"There are those who are asleep, there are those who are awake, and there are those who are caught in The Dreaming."

The Dreaming is the title for what was originally a regular anthology publication in which different artists and writers told stories about characters and locales originally made popular and fascinating by Neil Gaiman's work on the Sandman series. This graphic novel or comic book publication is produced by Vertigo Comics, a subsidiary of DC Comics Incorporated. The comic book title The Dreaming has recieved mixed reviews and only moderate success, because it fails to capture the splendor and uniqueness of the title from which it spawned. An attempt was made to recapture the greatness of Gaiman's work. Peter Hogan and Caitlin R. Kiernan have taken reins on the title and tried to create a more cohesive plot structure. Unfortunately they didn't quite pull it off, and although the title Sandman Presents is still being churned out, The Dreaming publication will not. The Dreaming is more than a mere marketable monthly thing to be bought and sold however. It is a place. It is that place you see in your mind before you wake up and as you go to sleep. It's like watching a sunset with your eyes closed. You know it's there. It's where your eyes drift under your lids. It is real. It is tangible. It exists as easily and love generosity and devotion exist. The Dreaming offers both joy and pain and a hundred million other things too.

For The Dreaming is the place where exist your dreams which consequently can offer you delight or destruction, despire or despair. Precognitive dreams have even been known to glimpse potential destiny. It is even said if you experience death in your dreams, you will not wake up again. They are not to be worshipped. Indeed, they serve us. The hold with which The Endless has us is also our hold over them. The Dreaming cannot be controlled, though it can be manipulated. It cannot be truly governed although Morpheus the King of Dreams is believed to preside over it. In order to properly tell the tales weaved of dreamstuff from The Dreaming one has to learn and accept the truth about it. That it is a place. That it is an entity of its own. We all can tap into it. We must accept these things as givens, or else become blind to it.

Or DC can just continue to write crap and I'll continue not to buy it. Works for me. =)

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