"The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone" is the third full length album from The Apples (in stereo) (not counting Science Faire or Her Wallpaper Reverie, which were a collection of singles and a mini-album, respectively).

On this album (released in May 2000 on SpinArt records), the Apples bring more sweet 60's pop with fantastic production values. Although some might accuse the Apples of being unoriginal (my friend thinks that "I Can't Believe" sounds way too much like a Cream song), many feel that they're just paying homage to the infectious psychedelia of the 60's. This album won't change either camp's view.

Track Listing:
1. Go
2. The Rainbow
3. Stream Running Over
4. 20 Cases Suggestive Of...
5. Look Away
6. What Happened Then
7. I Can't Believe
8. Submarine Dream
9. Alright/Not Quite
10. The Bird that You Can't See
11. Stay Gold
12. The Afternoon

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