A location featured in the film Mallrats. It only appeared briefly; in temporary exile from the mall, Brodie and T.S. head for the Dirt Mall, a large indoor flea market. Here, Brodie flips through a box of comic books, calls the vendor a savage for not having them bagged and boarded, and the two continue to wander around until they encounter the booth of Miss Ivannah, the topless fortune teller. There was a lengthy scene of the actual fortune-telling inside, they left, and that was the last we saw of the enigmatic Dirt Mall.

The Dirt Mall scenes were filmed at U.S. #1, an indoor flea market in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Unlike the film's use of the Eden Prairie mall, which could've been any mall in suburban America and was probably used for reasons of money or convenience, the presence of U.S. #1 was one of Kevin Smith's many nods to his homeland of New Jersey.

I've been to U.S. #1 a couple of times, when I was younger. It (like many flea markets in my area) was a good place to get old comic books, assuming you were looking for something to read and not pristine, mint copies like Brodie was. I also used to get Magic: The Gathering cards there. It was really just a nice flea market in general - it was pretty large, it was all-weather because of that big warehouse-like structure around it, and it didn't have that "dying" feeling that so many flea markets have, where no one seems to be buying anything, and there are less vendors every time you go there. But it's been years, probably six or more, since last I went there, and I've heard that it was demolished and replaced with a multiplex. I read something on the web about the management seeking a new location for the flea market, but information about U.S. #1 is hard to come by...

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