North of Lumberville, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, along the edge of the Delaware Canal and the Delaware River sits a small house, the single residence in the village known as The Devil's Half-Acre.

No one is sure how it got that name, but it is replete with ghost stories. At some point during the construction the Delaware Canal, a tavern was built there to service the hard-working diggers. However, the tavern was operating illegally, and when the drunk laborers would get into violent fights, men would die and the owners would drag their bodies out behind the building and bury them in shallow grave.

Once several people died, the word leaked of the tavern and it was closed down by authorities. But those men that had died continued to inhabit the place.

Visitors at night claim to hear angry shouts and see spectral workers walking in and out of the building.

However, this still does not explain how this patch of land came to be known as The Devil's Half-Acre. No one seems to know, and searching records for the answer have turned up nothing.

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