The Detachment Kit is punk/rock band based out of Chicago, Il.

As they have seemingly popped up out of nowhere, not many folks know about them yet, but with their recent touring, their popularity has ramped up. Their old website has turned into

The Detachment kit is a source of major diversification amongst the music community. It's really hard to compare them to any particular band, but they defiantly have "Pixies" undertones, but don't be fooled -- they are much too hardcore to sound as if they are blatantly ripping of the Pixies' style. Two guitarists, bass, and drums support the energetic lyrics. Every now and again, the tempo drops down to an almost melancholy and somber expression of inner feelings, but again picks up to drop-kick one's senses in the teeth.

The detachment kit is comprised of four band members:

name: i am josh
instrument: bass and vocals
origin: detroit, mi

name: ian
instrument: guitar and vocals
origin: nashville, tn

name: charlie box
instrument: guitar
origin: memphis, tn

name: toddrick
instrument: drums
origin: los angeles, ca.

So as you can see, this band is from all over the nation. It's amazing that they've somehow found each other and come together to make such a kickass combination.

To date, they only have one full album out which is "They Raging, Quiet Army", but they also have a 10" EP out called "Attacks on Bright America".

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