Fuck. How I loved this word. The most beautiful of words in the dictionary. I used to use it in the middle of sentences for no apparent reason just to watch ladies' heads turn. I used to get noticed for my gratuitous use of this epithet. But now.... nobody gives a fuck. Heck, my daughter just yesterday asked me where her fucking pencil was. And you know what, I didn't give a fuck.

And that makes me a sad man.

Where has the shock factor gone? Why is everybody using it now? Why doesn't anybody notice when I say fuck? Why is it on TV and in print? Wasn't it a dirty word??? I need an answer, assholes! Whatever happened to this beautiful word? The word that stood out from the rest of the words. The F-word. The word has been deswearified. The whole world couldn't uphold the sanctity of one word. YES, SANCTITY.

Fuck you, you fucking liberals. You people used the word in the name of free speech. And that asshole with that song about the F-word. Fucking nimrod! I don't see him singing a song about carnal knowledge, do I? Somebody needs to tell that son of a cunt that the reason he made that song is because fuck was a taboo word. And using it takes away that very essence. But these fucking douchebags would never understand that, would they? They are probably enjoying their little moment of using this word liberally. Enjoy assholes, it won't last long. A few more years of this liberal usage, and then nobody would give a fuck. People are destroying the only beautiful word in the english language.

This word needs to be saved. So my earnest plea is:

1) Don't use the fucking word anymore.
2) Switch the fucking channel when you hear it.
3) Make your fucking husband say "I want your carnal knowledge" rather than "I need to fuck that booty".
4) Slap any guys you hear saying the fucking word in front of you.
5) Make an I-am-fucking-offended face if you cannot slap.
6) Beat the crap out of your fucking kids for using it.
7) And lastly, just don't use the fucking word anymore.

Muchas Fucking Gracias!

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