A continuing story set in the World of Darkness, this is Part 1 of many, done during the summer holidays

The Darkness Beneath

Chapter 1: In the beginning

"And what of righteousness? Even the common kine don't understand what our flag is for now."

-John Faust-Ericksson, Prince of London

The night sky flashed with a brilliant white as lightning streaked across it on this dark rainy day. Telben ran as fast as his human legs could take him, but his pursuer was closing in on him fast with inhuman speed. Of course, how on earth did he think he could outrun a vampire, especially in it's own domain. He didn't think that they would be able to spot him in the darkness, but one of them, the one with a tiger like tail and furry hands, could smell him from a mile away.

But now he was running for his life. Jesus, he could even feel the thing's breath on the back of his neck now. Had it come this close already. With all his might, he ran on, into Hyde Park.

And suddenly... the chase stopped. He looked back, to see his pursuers standing still at the gates, looking at him with menacing and devious intent, but they stopped. Now, what was it that they told him? If you were in trouble, go to Hyde Park, that area is known as Elysium, and no vampire can commit any acts of violence while he was in Elysium.

No vampire!

His flash of inspiration came almost as quickly as the shot which caught him neatly between the eyes. His last memories was that of his killer, a dark coated man with glasses, and then, the sweet comforting darkness of death.

Faust-Ericksson sat on his "throne", two hundred metres below the Tower of London. He tapped the armrest of his seat impatiently, and sighed, his tea was getting cold.

"Any news from our Gangrel bretheren?" he asked aloud. A figure stepped out from the shadows, he was smartly dressed, Wall Street banker style, adjusted his monocle and nodded to the prince.

"They have caught the intruder sire, thanks to our retainers."
"Good, then we have one less mortal to worry about. Call for the car, I will be making a short trip to the Wharf, we have some... unfinished business."

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