The Dark Ranger's Treasure is one of three modules created by Bioware for Neverwinter Nights. The others are The Winds of Eremor and the pun-tasticly named To Heir is Human. The Dark Rangers is differant from these in a few ways.

First, it is the only quest of the three to provide a henchman (a generic gnome sorceror, but still welcome support). This makes it the only of the three which is really resonable to play without some of your friends online with you.

Second, it is extremely swag-heavy. The actual treasure in question is roughly twenty suits of enchanted heavy armor, (more then any one character can carry, oh they made sure of that.) much of it is of a very high level, and if you're not the type to wear it (who dosen't want a suit of Red Dragon Plate anyway?) it'll still sell for quite a bunch.

Lastly, The Dark Rangers Treasure is easily the shortest and easiest of the three modules, consisting of a one-screen swamp and a tomb, which is literally nothing but a room filled with treasure. it almost feels like cheating to cut a swath through the swamp and walk off with all the loot that you can carry. On a side note, this mod was apparently made to show off the ability of the aurora engine to combine lighting and sound to create immersive atmospheres. In my opinion it humbly suceeds, as Dead Man's Marsh is indeed rather creepy.

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