the court of arbitration is holding
a hearing on the matter
of a proposal for blotting out
the Sun
The Vampire Council
The Morning Glory League
outcome: pending

in the People
the court rules
that violations of scale
are a contravention of the
natural order
outcome: Gargantua
hurled into high-tension
power lines

Nature red in tooth and claw
Sweetness and light
the court rules
to release the bison
onto the freeway
to release the hounds
onto the terminal concourse
run motherfuckers.

in the aggravated matter
of Word
What are you talking about?
this isn't a bridge over an imagined
This is looking both ways
before you cross the street.
nobody cares.

the court is on the phone
with Santa right now!
Hello? Is this the North Pole?
Yes, Santa, he's been awful, just awful.
Yes, he agreed to
binding arbitration

to which there is no appeal
but to seek the shade of a well
in the desert
and carefully dip
the discount grasshoppers
from a plastic bag
in honey

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