In short, the superstars of Scottish folk music, perhaps most well-known for Flower of Scotland, our unofficial national anthem.

The duo of Roy Williamson and Ronnie Browne that was The Corries originally derived from a three-piece outfit (Roy, Ronnie and Bill Smith), The Corrie Folk Trio supporting the Irish folk singer Paddie Bell.

Formed in 1962, the group were chosen as the resident band on the BBC's new The Hootenanny Show, a gig that lasted them until 1966, when Paddie Bell and Bill Smith left the group. After a short break while Ronnie honed his instrumental skills, the duo became The Corries and resumed touring, recording and TV performances, performing old folk favourites, original compositions, the occasional comedy number, and always with some good-natured banter thrown in for good measure.

They continued until shortly before Roy's death on August 13th, 1990 after a protracted battle with cancer.

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