Name: The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Published: 2000 in Great Britain, 2001 in United States
ISBN: 0-312-87821-4

The Collected Stories of... is the definitive edition of Arthur C. Clarke's short stories. These range from his first entries into the early sci-fi magazines of the 1940s like "How We Went to Mars" to more recent works like "The Hammer of God"-- which was also made into a novel.

The book is just under 1000 pages, and contains 104 short stories by Clarke. Note that this book is a collection of his short fiction only. There is no non-fiction here, folks, although Clarke has written his share. According to Clarke, his first attempts at sci-fi were when he was in school, also on the editorial board of his school journal.

A sharp contrast can be seen in the technologies of the stories, but remarkably, Clarke's telltale writing style-- and the little quirks that make it what it is-- are evident. Keep in mind, that about a third of the stories were written when any talk of going into space was considered crazy-talk. Some of the later ones were written after Man had walked on Luna. Many of the stories include commentary by Clarke, as well as information on when and where they were published.

Some of the stories were also published in other compilations of Clarke's fiction, however, as this is the definitive edition, there is no need to annotate that in the list. Stars next to a name indicate that the story was made into or involved with a larger work (e.g. "The Sentinel" being the basis for 2001: A Space Odyssey), and yes, I typed this list out myself. This list is in the approximate (some stories were not able to be properly dated) chronological order of the fiction being written."

  1. "Travel by Wire!"
  2. "How We Went to Mars"
  3. "Retreat From Earth"
  4. "Reverie"
  5. "The Awakening"
  6. "Whacky"
  7. "Loophole"
  8. "Rescue Party"
  9. "Technical Error"
  10. "Castaway"
  11. "The Fires Within"
  12. "Inheritance"
  13. "Nightfall"
  14. "History Lesson"
  15. "Transience"
  16. "The Wall of Darkness"
  17. "The Lion of Comarre"*
  18. "The Forgotten Enemy"
  19. "Hide-and-Seek"
  20. "Breaking Strain"
  21. "Nemesis"
  22. "Guardian Angel"
  23. "Time's Arrow"
  24. "A Walk In the Dark"
  25. "Silence Please"
  26. "Trouble With the Natives"
  27. "The Road to the Sea"
  28. "The Sentinel"*
  29. "Holiday On the Moon"
  30. "Earthlight"
  31. "Second Dawn"
  32. "Superiority"
  33. "'If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth...'"
  34. "All the Time In the World"
  35. "The Nine Billion Names of God"*
  36. "The Possessed"
  37. "The Parasite"
  38. "Jupiter Five"
  39. "Encounter In the Dawn"
  40. "The Other Tiger"
  41. "Publicity Campaign"
  42. "Armaments Race"
  43. "The Deep Range"
  44. "No Morning After"
  45. "Big Game Hunt"
  46. "Patent Pending"
  47. "Refugee"
  48. "The Star"
  49. "What Goes Up"
  50. "Venture to the Moon"
  51. "The Pacifist"
  52. "The Reluctant Orchid"
  53. "Moving Spirit"
  54. "The Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch"
  55. "The Ultimate Melody"
  56. "The Next Tenants"
  57. "Cold War"
  58. "Sleeping Beauty"
  59. "Security Check"
  60. "The Man Who Ploughed the Sea"
  61. "Critical Mass"
  62. "The Other Side of the Sky"
  63. "Let There Be Light"
  64. "Out of the Sun"
  65. "Cosmic Casanova"
  66. "The Songs of Distant Earth"*
  67. "A Slight Case of Sunstroke"
  68. "Who's There?"
  69. "Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Orbiting..."
  70. "I Remember Babylon"
  71. "Trouble With Time"
  72. "Into the Comet"
  73. "Summertime on Icarus"
  74. "Saturn Rising"
  75. "Death of the Senator"
  76. "Before Eden"
  77. "Hate"
  78. "Love That Universe"
  79. "Dog Star"
  80. "Maelstrom II"
  81. "An Ape About the House"
  82. "The Shining Ones"
  83. "The Secret"
  84. "Dial F For Frankenstein"
  85. "The Wind From the Sun"
  86. "The Food of the Gods"
  87. "The Last Command"
  88. "Light of Darkness"
  89. "The Longest Science-fiction Story Ever Told"
  90. "Playback"
  91. "The Cruel Sky"
  92. "Herbert George Morley Roberts Wells, Esq."
  93. "Crusade"
  94. "Neutron Tide"
  95. "Reunion"
  96. "Transit of Earth"
  97. "A Meeting With Medusa"
  98. "Quarantine"
  99. "'siseneG'"
  100. "The Steam-powered Word Processor"
  101. "On Golden Seas"
  102. "The Hammer of God"*
  103. "(with Stephen Baxter) The Wire Continuum"
  104. "Improving the Neighbourhood"

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Sources: Various Clarke novels, the book itself.
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