(Volumes I and II)

John Zorn's "sonic exploration" album, originally recorded in 1983 and 1985. In it, John plays an assortment of reeds: alto sax, soprano sax, E flat and B flat clarinets; and Olt, Weems, and Greenhead game calls.

Intended to be a strange synergy between noise and the five chapters of Musashi Miyamoto's writing on Bushido tactics The Book of Rings, Zorn has yet to record the last three.

The sounds here are circus-ish and almost unbelievable in nature. I'm not sure if there are any overdubs; I think not. Taking cues from Carl Stalling's work with cartoon music, Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker's extreme out-ness, and even apparently either a recording of the lyrebird or a group named for it.

There are almost no melodies. There is almost no rhythm. There is a seeming infinity of brain-bending noises, and a plethora of ducks.

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