My friend Crystal and her brother, Scott, lived down the street, two doors down, and one time, when their mother went to the store, she left Scott in charge. 

On her way out the door she said, don’t put any corn up your nose

It was a joke

So of course the first thing Scott did was open a can of corn. 

What's the first thing that happens if somebody tells you, don’t think about hippos in pink, sequined tutus.

Or you say to yourself, I’ve gotta stop drinking or taking in kittens, or stop smoking crack, or whatever.

But then there you are with a bag of white powder, a bottle of rye and more kitten chow.

If I came into money, I would start up a church, and its message would be war is better than peace.

Hate lasts longer than love

You can say to a man, hey, that thing is loaded, and to spite you he still puts the gun to his temple; free will, and all.

I'd start a church if I came into money, where the message is clear as corn liquor flows:

Don’t sing hallelujah or open your hymnals.

Don’t love one another—

put corn up your nose.

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