Book by James Redfield. The book is written in fictional form, but the ideas and concepts are all taken seriously by Redfield.

An ancient manuscript is found in Peru that gives 9 insights into life, how we should live it, and what will become of our civilization. The main character discovers the insights one by one, every insight pointing towards the next. People are made up of nothing but energy, and as we come closer to God and Truth, our energy vibrations increase to higher and higher levels. Although Redfield's writing seems oversimplistic and even redundant at times, the book is worth reading.

The Celestine Prophecy, while written as a fictional story, is based upon a philosophical manuscript that draws attention to nine insights. The author, James Redfield, takes the reader upon a journey of self-awareness and spiritual growth. Through evaluating the coincidences that occur in our daily lives, we become conscious of the path the universe has chosen for us and become one step closer to the true purpose of our lives. Opening oneself to the universal energy that surrounds you is the basis upon which you can achieve a higher level of consciousness and a new perspective on who you are and why you are here. Way too often, we turn away from the universal energy and in turn feel weakened and anxious and try to draw it from others. This competition for energy is a main cause for our conflicts and restlessness. Once we learn to use this energy creatively and in a healing manner, instead of like a bull in a china shop, we can overcome many conflicts and achieve inner peace.

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