The X-files

The Calusari
Episode: 2X21
First aired:04/14/95
Written by: Sara Charno
Directed by: Michael Vejar

We see a young child escaping from his restraining device when unhooked by an unseen presence. The kid follows a red helium balloon that simply floats along a straight path. The balloon leads the kid across a miniature train track where the child is killed. The parents react with shock while the kid’s 8 year old brother, Charlie looks on dispassionately.

Mulder takes a look at the incident three months later. He shows Scully a photograph of, what looks like a figure pulling the balloon, and concludes that it was some kind of poltergeist activity.

They meet with the parents of the boy and Charlie. The parents are still upset but maintain that it was an accident. The father, Steve, is an American who married Maggie, from Romania. Scully witnesses the Romanian grandmother drawing a swastika on Charlie’s hand and yelling at Maggie saying that she married a devil and had a devil child.

Scully finds evidence of abuse, that Charlie has had recurrent illnesses and suggests that the parents or grandmother have been inducing the symptoms. Steve says that things have been strange ever since his mother-in-law has come to live with them and that she and his wife seem to fear Charlie.

Steve agrees to take Charlie to a social worker but is strangled as the garage door-opener catches his tie and kills hi as Charlie watches.

Searching the house, Mulder and Sculy find dead chickens in the old woman’s room and a strange ash in the garage. They are told that the ash is Vibuiti or Holy Ash, something that materializes out of thin air.

The old woman takes Charlie and she and three strange men perform a strange ritual. The social worker arrives and finds Charlie dazed. Maggie orders the three strange men to leave her house.

The old woman locks herself in the room with Charlie. However, objects start to fly around the room and she is knocked down. We see Charlie standing over her holding now live chickens, who peck her to death. An examination of the scene finds more ash.

Mulder talks to the three strange men, known as the Calusari, Roanian holy men. They say that they are trying to cleanse the house of an evil that is extremely dangerous.

The social worker talks to Charlie who screams that he didn’t do it, that Michael killed his grandmother. Michael, it turns out was Charlie’s stillborn twin that he knew nothing about. Maggie says that her mother wanted to perform a separating ritual so that the world of the dead would not follow Charlie.

Charlie has a seizure and is taken to the hospital. Michael turns up and pretends to be Charlie and is taken home by Maggie.

Scully follows them home while Mulder looks for help from the three men. Scully finds Maggie pinned to the ceiling by Michael while Mulder and the three men perform an exorcism at the hospital. Scully is about to be stabbed but Michael disappears when the ritual is finished.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- ""...You see this is a helium balloon here, and the one thing I did learned in kindergarten is when you let them go they float up, up and away. But you see this is moving away from him. Horizontally."
Scully -- "Did you learn about wind in kindergarten?"

Mulder -- "Wanna see something weird?"

Scully -- "Well I think this boy needs as much protection as he can get, but just not from ghosties and beasties."

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