The Birth of Merlin, or, the Childe Hath Found His Father

Enter Ostorius, Octa, and Proximus.

Come, come, time calls our close complots to action.
Go, Proximus, with winged speed flie hence,
Hye thee to Wales: salute great Vortiger
With these our letters; bid the king to arms,
tell him we have new friends, more forces landed
In Norfolk and Northumberland; bid him
Make haste to meet us; if he keep his word,
Wee'l part the realm between us.

Bend all thine art to quit that late disgrace
The Christian hermit gave thee; make thy revenge
Both sure and home.

That thought, sir, spurs me on,
Till I have wrought their swift destruction. (Exit.

Go, then, and prosper. Octa, be vigilant:
Speak, are the forts possest? the guards made sure?
Revolve, I pray, on how large consequence
The bare event and sequel of our hopes
Joyntly consists, that have embark't our lives
Upon the hazzard of the least miscarriage.

All's sure: the queen your sister hath contrived
The cunning plot so sure, as at an instant
The brothers shall be both surpriz'd and taken.

And both shall die; yet one a while must live,
Till we by him have gather'd strength and power
To meet bold Edol, their stern general,
That now, contrary to the kings command,
Hath re-united all his cashier'd troops,
And this way beats his drums to threaten us.

Then our plot's discover'd.

Come, th'art a fool, his army and his life
Is given unto us: where is the queen my sister?

In conference with the prince.

Bring the guards nearer, all is fair and good;
Their conference, I hope, shall end in blood. (Exeunt.

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