One day with a few hours to kill and my paycheck burning a hole in my pocket I headed into one of my local bookstores. As tends to be the case, I headed for the comic book section. After fifteen minutes browsing I came across "The Big Book of Urban Legends" from Paradox Press.

I bought it, and by the end of the book I had been delighted by a killer in the back seat, a microwaved poodle, three babysitters and two serial killers, two dead roommates and the terrible truth about M&Ms.

Since time immemorial drunken teenagers have scared each other shitless with tales of murder, madness and the occassional strange infection that turns out to be due to insect larvae in some unfortunate person's brain. "The Big Book of Urban Legends" is a celebration of these stories, and if you're looking for a fun book to kill some time with you should consider picking it up.

Featuring short (two or three page) stories from various artists and writers, with topics ranging from the slightly bizarre to the really bizarre, and with plenty of blood and guts thrown in for good measure, this is an ideal book for those in need of some light reading.

Plus you can tell your friends some of the stories when they've been drinking all night and see just how much BS they'll buy.

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