A collection of philosophical and theological writings by Islamic mystical poet Ibn Al'Arabi, in the year 1230 C.E.

The book is organized into Bezels, each Bezel being a few pages of exploration of a few philisophical concepts centered around one of the Islamic Prophets.

The texts are all very much in the tradition of Apophatic Mysticism and often talk about Sufi notions such as fana -- the annihilation of the self. Each Bezel approaches similar concepts from different angles, however -- one will use a metaphor of Mathematics to explain the relationship of Allah to the Cosmos and to humanity, while another will use the metaphor of a Polished Mirrior to explore the same.

As an interesting note, Bezel is a translation of an arabic word that can mean BOTH the setting for a stone AND the stone itself, even in the title illustrating the complexity of the divine and spirit.

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