It's a cold February night. There I sit, as usual, in front of my computer. I've got Meat Beat Manifesto cranking on the JBLs, talking to some fellow insomniacs on AIM. Suddenly, I hear a giant explosion which felt like it was right next to me. The main power transformer for my block had blown up again. The sound of my computer's fans spinning down followed by some rustling as the nursing home behind my house got its backup power running or something. There was absoloute silence, no hum of wires, no fans, no music. It was just me, and a blank room. I had to get up at 6am for school the next day, but it didn't matter at all to me. I forgot all about alarm clocks, computers, and responsiblity and climbed into bed. Just laying there, wrapped in a blanket in complete silence, and falling peacefully asleep, it was just utter simplicity and nothingness, but I was totally content. I didn't need the hum of the computer, the beats of the music, none of it mattered, it was just me, and nothing more.

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