Assembled in Chapel Hill, NC, the B-Sides are a self-proclaimed geek rock quintet out to have fun making music, unlike those sellouts Weezer. With emotional lyrics, beautiful melodies, and wonderfully played instruments, the B-Sides stand out among the current wave of crappy music. Though mostly fresh faces in music, their bassist is Ken Mosher, formerly of Squirrel Nut Zippers. The B-Sides also consist of guitarists Ari Picker and Noah Smith, keyboardist Travis Horton, and drummer Eric Kuhn.

Their first album, Yes Indeed, the B-Sides, Quite!, is already their "greatest hits" collection. The tracks on this album will be spread across the four albums which they have already planned. Crediting the likes of Batman in the liner notes, the B-Sides' odd humor and playful look at crafting music are shown. Their songs range from the beautifully gothic I Wore It Till It Broke to the poppy serenade Megan to the fast-paced ode to foolish, ignorant girls everywhere The One.

Though a young band, the B-Sides possess great musical talent and the ability to create melodic works of art.

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