I heard this term out of some labor union "nationalist" propaganda in Australia and the United States. The core of this is that we Asians are a menace to the livelihoods of the native inhabitants (ignoring the implications of the term native) because we are taking all the jobs, all the money and will eventually take over the nation.

This is not a new phenomenon. In the mid 1800's Chinese immigrants were lynched in the West because the railroad companies decided to hire Chinese instead of white workers. We worked cheap, we worked hard, and we didn't complain. Heavy anti-Chinese sentiment in San Francisco saw several mob killings, most of which went undocumented because we were insignificant at that point. In essence, these people resented us Chinese because we apparently took jobs that were somehow rightfully theirs.

Well excuse me! America First means nothing to me, and let me remind you that I know Asians who have been living in America for five or six generations, which is probably longer than most of the people who complain about these new immigrants taking their jobs. The lame attempts of these people to hide racism behind a thin mask of nationalism and discontent is too obvious to everyone. Yes, we've been taking American jobs for decades, and we continue to do so today. Deal.

In Australia, the anti-immigrant fervor has formed into a now defunct One Nation party that performed surprisingly well in Queensland. We've been in Australia for years, despite the rich past of racism in that country, and they still call us aliens in their land. Well, if you people are going to continue guzzling beer, collecting welfare out of our tax money and complain about your unemployment, blaming it on us hard-working Asians, then you don't deserve a job.

The Asian menace is something dreamed up in the heads of delusional people who fear for their future in the job market because the playing field just got rougher. And yet, people talk as if we were really people intent on taking over America.

On the Canadian front: Today, we Asians are proud to announce that we have just completed our conquest of British Columbia and Ontario and effectively crushed all dissent. Phase 2, the removal of all pale devils from employment and their replacement by Asians will begin tomorrow. Resistance is futile. Toronto Chinatown is now the new seat of government. Phase 3, the Manifest Destiny of an Asian - North American Prosperity Zone, is scheduled to begin 2005.

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