This is Filters third studio album, written and recorded after a two year tour supporting the bands previous release - 'Title of Album'. It was recorded in Abyssinian Sons (Chicago) and produced by Ben Grosse (who also worked on 'Title of Album' in 2002.

The album builds off where the previous left off, but this time the whole band were given a hand in the creative element. 'My Long Walk To Jail' was co-written by guitarist Geno Lenardo. Various other songs had elements from different band members.

From the quiet majesty of 'Where do we go from here' to the brutal guitars and lyrics of 'So I Quit' the album is very impressive. Finishing on 'The 4th' which is a sonic landscape of guitars and vocals this is a band coming of age, pulled together by years of touring and shared hardships.

The first single taken from the album is 'Where Do We Go From Here' and the video is showing regularly on the music channels.

The videos, as well as more information on the band can be viewed at

The Amalgamut:

  1. You Walk Away
  2. American Cliche
  3. Where do we go from here
  4. Columind
  5. The missing
  6. The only way (is the wrong way)
  7. My long walk to jail
  8. So I quit
  9. God damn me
  10. It can never be the same
  11. World today
  12. The 4th

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