A cartoon on Nickelodeon that ran for 6 years (1987-1993), and had 26 episodes, meant for children 4-10.

The show was originally from Japan but Nickelodeon picked it up and put it on during Nick Jr. The premise was that the little koala, Roobear, lived on a continent where Koalas and Penguins lived together.

The Koala family:
Laura (daughter, sister. Sometimes bratty, naïve, but always determined)
Roobear (son, brother. A leader and good friend, often courageous)
Papa (father. A photographer.)
Mommy (mother. Housewife, but can fly a plane with the best of ‘em.)
Nick and Pamie Penguin (Nick is often a third-wheel, but his sister gets into many adventures)
Mimi and Floppy Rabbit (Floppy is the cool one of the bunch, most athletic. Wears headphones all the time.)
Walter Kangaroo (friend, bully, good w/a boomerang.)
Weather and Mingle (Weather can tell the… weather, hangs w/his sugar-glider/bat friend, Mingle)
Miss Lewis (reporter and friend to the Koala family.)

The bane of Roobear's existence were the Dead End Kid kangaroos—Walter, Colt and Horsie. They were the bullies, and though they were drawn in the same endearing children’s book illustration style, they provided the edge to stir up trouble.

The theme song:
Brand new day, time to play with Roobear and his friends.
Where summer never ends. Koalas show you how to
fly a plane, catch a wave, there's nothing we won't try.
Lots to do, fun starts here with you and me...
Look up there, way up high, koalas in balloons,
laughter's on its way to you...
Laura, Nick and Roo, Mimi and Floppy, too…waiting here for you.
Brand new day, time to play with Roobear and his friends.
The fun and laughter never ends.
Koalas lead the way...on a sunny day...we all love to play...

Theme song from http://members.tripod.com/~djfury/nicktoonsab.html

Thanx to yesterdayland.com for helping me remember the show.

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