Normally, I am really, really into trashy B-Movies. If they are trashy Sci-Fi B-Movies, even better. If I could chose a matinee with my favourite movies and invite friends, nobody would probably appear due to the tackyness of my choices.

So when I read a couple of reviews banning Pluto Nash as a movie that should have never been made, I thought: "Yeah, this is just up my street: Eddie Murphy and John Cleese in Space, this must be bloody brillant."

I couldn't have been more wrong.

To give it away: Pluto Nash doesn't suck.

It stinks.

It is so god-awfully bad, that I can't find any redeeming features apart from the cleavage of the love-interest.

The story? Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) is an ex-con turned night club owner who is threatened by the headhoncho of organised crime on the moon and tries to save his skin, helped by a moronic robot (Randy Quaid), a foxy singer (Rosario Dawson), his Mom (Pam Grier) and a puerto rican smuggler (Luis Guzmán). Several badly choreographed gun fights and a one minute cameo by John Cleese later, happy ending ensues.

The End.

Director Ron Underwood actually made a couple of decent movies in the past (Speechless, City Slickers), so this must certainly his biggest turkey yet.

Apparently Warner and Village Roadshow Pics burned 100 million dollars on this pic. Where did it all go ?

  • The set decoration looks like a low-budget replica of Total Recall
  • The zero-G scenes are so unbelievably bad that you expect to see strings on the actors any second
  • The CGI-effects are below the standards that Sci-Fi shows like Space: above and beyond set 4 years ago.
  • They certainly didn't spend any money on the writing.
The dialogues are not funny, the acting is godalmighty crap and I wasn't even mildly amused, not even by the tackyness of it all.

90 Minutes of my life I'll never get back.

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