The Adventures of Kotetsu is a particularly enjoyable anime, if only for the fact that you've got a sword wielding Brit (sounding voice actress, anyway) who seems very much a cross between Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin and the female version of Ranma from Ranma 1/2. This two episode OAV, based on the manga of the same name conceived by MEE-kun, is produced by Daiei Co., Ltd. (Japan)/ ADV Films (US).

A brief synopsis, which is about all that can be provided without giving away the entire story: Linn Suzuki, a young woman trained in the arts of the sword, seeks refuge in the big city from her domineering sensei (whom she refers to as 'mistress', but minus the hentai-perv connotations... or so it would appear). Being new to anything modern, her life previous sounding like a Japanese Swiss Family Robinson, she finds herself in dire straits until private investigator Miho Kuon stumbles over her in the midst of thrashing some street vermin. Having a common link, as Miho had employed a relative of Linn's shortly before, they more or less adopt one another into a Big Brothers Big Sisters type of relationship.

Unfortunately for Linn, her new guardian is the focus of a group of assassins due to Miho's latest case. A large corporation has gotten edgy about the skeletons she's excavating from its closet, and have hired the Kugutsu Puppeteers, killers who utilize supernatural means (a puppeteering/doppleganger technique amongst the most obvious of these) to achieve their ends.

For those who enjoy fan service, this will likely amuse, though it doesn't rely solely on such base appeal. The humor and drama mix fairly well, despite a somewhat thin plotline. And even the stretching of the accent on Linn is often entertaining enough to keep one watching.


There have been no further eps released domestically (US) beyond the one volume ADV Films has produced.

And yet, I found this to be a worthwhile purchase, though I've only got it english dubbed on VHS, and think that the DVD would certainly be a decent investment for the aspiring otaku. ~bleah, I'm starting to sound like one of those catalog ads... Next, I'll be screaming Sunday, SUNDAY,SUNDAY!!! ~

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