It's just a regular day at school

You arrive late to 5th period cooking class, no big deal, you think, you always find a good excuse.
The class simultaneously turn their heads to look at you as you enter the room. All eyes are on you as you walk towards the front.
Half way you realise something doesn't feel right.
I'm not carrying any books, you think, you stop, you look down...

You're also not wearing any clothes.

You're naked at school.

You instinctively swing your right arm across your bare chest and hover your left hand over your crotch, in a vain attempt to cover yourself.
You look behind, wishing you had an extra hand or two to cover your ass.

Why am I bothering?, you think, I've already been exposed.

Still, you make your way down the classroom, which seems 50 feet longer now, awkwardly hunched over with your hands still covering your nakedness.

You feel the eyes of the class burning into you,
You continue your way down, eyes focused on the horrified male teacher,
He is not your cooking teacher, but is standing at the front of the class for some reason.
You stutter a few words to him, though you're not sure what they are, they seem to be about some assignment.
A sheet of paper suddenly appears in your left hand, the assignment?
While still desperately trying to hide your bare body with your arms, you shakily reach out to give him the piece of paper.
You look around and realise you are still standing in the middle of the classroom, right where you started, on display to everyone.

You wake up. Your head clears. It was just a dream, the "naked at school" dream.

That's when you think "I should've grabbed an apron!"

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