An authentic Silk City Diner, "Historic" is always in quotes. It's located in Red Hook, New York, not far from Bard College, and is ... well, a diner. On the menu, it says:

"It embodies distinguishing characteristics of the type and period in its streamlined metal railroad dining car inspired design, which was intended to evoke, at once, the ideas of travel, food cleanliness and modern efficiency.
After years of catering to travelers on Dutchess County's major highways, the "Historic" Village Diner now enjoys continued popularity as a community-oriented restaurant and the focal point of much local nostalgia."

The Historic Diner is not open 24/7, much to the chagrin of certain area residents (hint: not locals). It is, however, utterly packed on any occasion which brings parents to the school. And it's not a bad place to end an all-night revel, with coffee and delirium.

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