Much like L33t H4x0r R0m30 4nd Jul13t, I fear there are great works lost on the netizens who cannot embrace non l337 languages. I took the time to translate The Lord's Prayer into l337 for the benefit of all such people. The translation intentionally contains extra padding between the words to help the non-uber hax0r readers of e2. Observe.

Gǔ¥$, ! |)!|) 7|-|!$ f0r j00!

0ǔr   $¥$@dM!n,   \/\/|-|0   ©|-|!££$   !n   |-|34\/3|\|
ph34r3d   β3   7|-|¥   |\|@m3
†|-|ÿ   p\/\/n@g3   ©0|\/|3,   †|-|ÿ   $©r!p7$   b3   d0|\|3   !n   /earth   @$   i7   !$   i|\|   /heaven.
$33|)   u$   7h!5   |)@ÿ   oǔR   d@!£ÿ   R0|\/|$.
f0rG!\/3   u$   0ǔr   n00b   3xP£017$   @$   \/\/3   f0rG!\/3   $©r!P7   |<!dd!3$   7|-|@7   h@x0r   @Ga!|\|$7   u$.
R3\/34£   t0   u$   |\|07   Ζ3R0   |)@ÿ   \/u£|\|$,   βu7   $A\/3   u$   fR0|\/|   t3h   RIAA.
f0r   7|-|!|\|3   i$   t3h |\|37\/\/0R|<,   @|\|d   t3h rm -rf*,   @|\|d   @££   0ǔR   β@$3   @r3   β3£0|\|G   t0   j00,   f0R3\/3R   @|\|d   3\/3R.

A rough copy into a strict Roman alphabet would be:

Our sysadmin, who chills in Heaven,
feared be thy name.
Thy pwnage come, thy scripts be done in /earth as it is in /heaven.
Seed us this day our daily ROMs.
Forgive us our n00b exploits as we forgive script kiddies that hax0r against us.
Reveal to us not 0 day vulns, but save us from RIAA.
For thine is the network, and the rm -rf /, and all our base are belong to you, forever and ever.

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