For the Software developer bestiary

The Code Hose

Quote: “Wanna try and see if it works?” Five minutes later: “Done!”

Also known as: “Speedy Gonzales

The ability to write code fast is always appreciated but often the quality of the resulting code can suffer from fast development. Fortunately there are a few people blessed with the ability to write good code fast. These people usually know what to focus on, making them very efficient. They seldom fiddle around , trying to write the perfect piece of software. Instead, they know instinctively what “good enough” means and that’s how they manage to deliver.

You may sometimes find the Code Hose to be a little uncreative, but coming up with weird and wonderful ideas is a job for the Extraterrestrial. An ET and a Code Hose working as together is a certified dream team.


The Code Hose is organized, structured and efficient. He never writes too much or too little, and never complains about the resources at hand: he uses what he has.


The obvious place for the Code Hose is developing, but consider using him for prototyping and testing as well.

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