"That New Funkadelic" is the third single from rapper Ice Cube's tenth studio album Everythang's Corrupt (and thank goodness he knew better than to title it Everything's Corrupt).

As the name promises, the song is heavy on funkadelia, with a beat "so sweet like booty meat" (a mildly cannibalistic-sounding line) but surprisingly somewhat light on lyrics, having few proper lyrical constructions, and several segments where a line is simply repeated four times (aka, "What's up for the evening? I ain't into trickin'; I'm into treatin'"; or "I heard weed was legal; grow that shit n***a, feed ya people"). The first set of any lyrics that have some constructional development as lyrics addresses an "Uncle named George" who's always "down to orge" (pronounced so it rhymes with George, in this instance presumably meaning to partake in an orgy -- which may be the first use of this somewhat archaic word in popular culture this century), and eats a booty like a smorgasbord. Which last word is, amusingly, pronounced correctly. The other proper lyric instructs us that "the funk will linger," which Ice Cube asserts will make everybody "want to smell my finger," followed by mention of everybody wanting to engage in intercourse with Ice Cube's singers, and a random mention of Jerry Springer.

The music video is awash in neon colors and hoes. All told, the song is distractingly entertaining to bounce along to, but is in the final analysis as forgettable as any throwaway piece of culture.


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