That's My Band is a game for young and old.

You need two players (ok wait, actually I play in my head all the time so only one player if you are a master at the game).

The object of the game is to think of names for your cool band. When you hear or see one (like on a billboard or product package) you say the name and yell "That's My Band!!!" you can also yell "Dude, That's My Band" or "That's My Cool Band" or "That's My Rockin Band". Also, you might be in a class or a board meeting and whisper "That's My Band" to a fellow student or co-chair and make them get in trouble with the teacher or CEO for laughing!

Some great places to find names for your band and samples of some of bands:
TBN - Love Gift
Religious Radio - The Anointing
TV Shows - Stampy, Mulder Porn, oo-mox
Supermarket - Food Type Beverage
Math Class - Malibu Lifeguard Stand #15 (ok I never actually attended math class)
English Class - Adverb Gerund
History Class - Mr. Miller
Science Class - Mesothelial Cell Coating (Noether thought of that one)

See? Fun! this game is great for car trips and anytime you have part of your brain to spare from the activity you are doing. If you play a lot you might want to keep something to write with in your pocket to keep tabs on your best Band Names.Enjoy!

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