Quoth Roninspoon at Server time: 01:22 Sun Nov 26 2000, with regard to having to use a mouse in addition to resorting to a slower connection speed: “I am at my sisters house. At my own residence I no longer stoop to such antiquated devices. At home I electronically absorb my flesh into the silicon of my computer for greater efficiency.”

What few noders I have monitored while everyone else seemed trapped at their family’s homes for the weekend have expressed similar irritations that come from noding anywhere out of the ordinary. There have been mentions of even trifling family members who get in the way of noding with the focus and/or enjoyment that is otherwise present. This has been one of many holidays I have seen that have effected us here at E2, but it is the first one where family was the cause for change in atmosphere. I find our addiction to this place at once refreshing and discomforting, for we are all likely using it to accomplish what potentially couldn’t be before we were all addicted.

Going home for any holiday, or going to the home of any family member, brings with it agitation and division. There is an opportunity for reunion inasmuch as there is one for further dissention, because we are expected to be on our best behavior for such events. We are torn between standing up for ourselves, defending those you brought with you, and keeping the peace among the household. It is nice, therefore, to skip out on after dinner coma or post leftover consumption and get online for a while and forget you are where you are.

There were several Thanksgivings spent in upheaval, since my ex and my parents were not often found to tolerate the same room. In the frequent times I spent over-contemplating my relationships with both parties, mulling over the choices I had to make with one side over another, and my overall happiness with either outcome in lieu of too many turkey sandwiches, I would have been made much more sane if I had had E2 back then to calm my oversensitive familial nerves.

But even now, if I had been home this weekend, I wouldn’t even get the chance to complain about the differences between noding there and here. My parents don’t own a computer, have never owned one, and I would likely not have one if I were living there, since I am giving this relic to a friend when I move and saving up for a laptop, so you can imagine how long that will take. I for one am glad for those who, even in their irritation, can stay with me until they are home again, safe, for I will be absent from them when I go home for the holidays, and I will miss them.

On a side note, I have finally added the words “noder” and “noding” to my spell checker. How’s that for evolution?

Node on, my brethren, node on….

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