Thank You Jesus is currently a big meme in the USA, and not an internet meme. These are eye-catching yard signs and bumper stickers (and magnets, bracelets, and lawn flags) fading from bright orange at the top to bright yellow at the bottom with the words thank you JESUS in large black letters. Perhaps due to the inventor's youth, the words are written in a slightly childish typeface. Also, the the 'T' in 'thank' is a cross.

These were designed by Lucas Hunt, a teenager in Asheboro, North Carolina. He started making his first ones for Easter in 2015, and they quickly caught on, becoming popular first locally and then more widely as they proved to be an effective fund raiser for churches large and small.

"Really, it's a Christmas message. Without Christmas, you wouldn't have Easter."
-Lucas Hunt

Regardless, they have no sign of being a seasonal item. There are currently over 131,000 of these in yards across America, although NC continues to be the epicenter. They were not intended to be a for-profit endeavor, but demand took off, and he now sells them on-line through his website. They are $8 for a yard sign (plus shipping), but he does not keep the profits. Instead, he has created the Thank You Jesus Mission, to donate the money, in the form of grants, to local (i.e., NC) Christian organizations.


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