A birth defect caused by the consumption of the drug Thalidomide during pregnancy. Thalidomide hampers pre-natal development in humans, and most babies are born with flipper-like arms and legs and deformed internal organs. Other symptoms include:
  1. missing, webbed, or extra fingers and/or toes
  2. partial or total loss of hearing and/or sight
  3. paralysis (usually of the facial muscles)
  4. improper formation of the digestive tract
  5. improper formation or absence of the anus
  6. lesions on major organs (most often fatal before or soon after birth)
Note that brain function is not listed; many victims of Thalidomide Malformation that have not died as infants live out successfull, fulfilling lives today. Plus, as horrific as the malformation is, it is not genetic, but purely developmental, so Thalidomide-related defects are not passed on to progeny.

Thanks to www.thalidomide.ca for the info.

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