Along with Taylor Ham (aka pork roll) this is one of the cholesterol packed culinary delights of New Jersey. The Texas Wiener (sometimes spelled Weiner) is a form of hot dog which is a regional specialty of the northern New Jersey area. This surprises many people, who apparently feel that something called a Texas Wiener should have something to do with Texas. Unfortunately for them, the Texas Wiener seems to have been invented in Paterson, NJ in the 1920s. I have heard that it was invented by a Greek immigrant as well, so no Texan influence is apparent. To this day Paterson and the surrounding area is the undisputed capital of the Texas Wiener, with numerous restaurants focused on the dish. I don't know if Texas Wieners are available elsewhere in the country or world, but I have never been able to find one outside of New Jersey (and a few outposts in New York).

So what is a Texas Wiener? Pretty simple really. It consists of a (usually fried, though sometimes grilled) beef hot dog on a bun. The hot dog is topped with mustard, chopped onions, and a special brown chili sauce. It's probably not very good for you, but it sure is tasty. So next time you find yourself in northern NJ, buy a nice big bottle of your favorite antacid, and then head out and get yourself two (not one) Texas Wieners.

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