Tetsuya Ogawa (better known as Tetsu) is a member of the Japanese band, L'Arc~en~Ciel. He plays the bass and he is often the backup vocalist for some songs. He was born on October 3 (not sure about the year because the official site does not say but according to the majority, his year of birth is 1968). His home place is Osaka so he has a Osaka accent, which is considered unrefined in Japan therefore it is often used in comedies. He is considered the leader of the band (members calls him the mother of the band) because it was him who created the band and it was also him who named the band. L'Arc~en~Ciel, which means rainbow in French (the arc in the sky), was actually taken from a French movie he saw. Reason being is that he liked the sound of it. Coincidentally, the name suits them perfectly because of their assorted music and suits Tetsu very much because of his colourful clothes (he's not bad looking at all, y'know). Not only are his clothes colourful, one of his hobby is shopping so he admits he does have a lot of clothes. Few of his favourite brands/designer clothes are Hysteric Glamour, Ozone Community, Candy Stripper, Betty's Blue, Gucci, and Vivienne Westwood. He also loves Anime, and especially Evangelion and Gundam (he actually has a storage room of shelves filled with these toys in his apartment-- yes, I've seen pictures of his apartment). His childhood dreams was becoming a toy store owner or mabye F-1 racer. Currently, it is rumoured that he is dating Kaori Mochida from ELT (Every Little Thing). I doubt this is a rumour because there are pictures of them wearing the same bracelet (Tetsu never takes it off so you can see them in photos) and they sometimes share clothes (which is really sweet)!

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