I picked some of this stuff up when I was out looking for modelling glue, as I was planning on resuming some of those old kitbashing projects I had set aside. It comes in a little grey tube, the same size as Testor's modelling cement, and sells for about $1.80 canadian. It actually looked like it might be useful for my purposes, so I did a bit of research on it.

From Dave's Guide to Kitbashing:
"Its main purpose is to fill in cracks and pits and stuff. It's not very strong, and takes a long time to harden if applied in a layer thicker than a millimeter. This is because it contains loads of acetate/acetone/etc-based solvents to keep it liquid, and these have to fully evaporate before it hardens."

Official Testors Site: http://www.testors.com/Direct/ViewProd.cfm?URLToken=CFID=582287&CFTOKEN=76462595&brdNumber=4&subNumber=8&itmNumber=3511

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